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A return to the White River Series

Blog Posted on 18 Apr 2011  


Having retreated (due to heavy water) from a previous attempt to descend Titan, our team reconvened in the warmth of a beautiful spring morning for a second attempt.

All the arrangements were made for a late exit from Peak Cavern and a team of willing volunteers to retrieve our ropes the following day.  The underground journey went without incident except to say that the crawl between the top of Block Hall, a vertical section of cave (negotiated by a set of fixed ropes) and the White River Series, was a little too ‘scratchy’ for my particular taste.

Scratchy is a one of those words used by cavers that almost purposely understates. Amphibious, awkward, flat out, unpleasant and tight are also words used commonly by cavers in dialogue with other cavers to describe sections of cave passage. My ears are alert and tuned in to such descriptions!

The journey from Titan through to exit Peak Cavern certainly throws up a varied mixture of, all of the above descriptions. Add in – exposed, technical, physical, precious, beautiful, impressive and delicate. These are also words used by cavers to describe an underground journey and words which are more pleasing to my own ears. 

The varied mixture of terrain makes this underground journey very unique. After a punishing crawl the system can reward you with stunning underground scenery. It can test your steel in watery squeezes and invigorate with technical ropework. The journey is a serious undertaking which took us 6 hours at a comfortable pace.

Titan to Peak is a great challenge for any suitably experienced caver. An underground journey I will look forward to doing again soon – not nearly as soon as James Blake! 

James gets mentioned in dispatches for volunteering to retrieve our ropes. Thanks James – enjoy the crawl.


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