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Balloon Rides

Hot Air Ballooning in the Peak District and Derbyshire is one of the best ways to view the Peak Countryside in all its glory. Hot Air Balloons are used in various ways all over the country from Pleasure Rides and Flights to Business Advertising - In the Peak District and Derbyshire there are a number of Hot Air Ballooning Companies that offer Rides and Flights over the beauitful Countryside.
History of the Hot Air Balloon - In France, 1783 scientist Pilatre De Rozier rose into the sky in the 'Aerostat Reveillon' Balloon. The Balloon managed to climb to 250ft where it stayed aloft for more than 15 minutes.
From then on Ballooning has been developed and have crossed the English Channel,Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They have been used in wartime for transportation surveying, and communication.
They have even reached heights of upto 65,000 ft. Most weekends in the Peak District you will find Balloons dotted around the skies.

Ballooning with Wickers World. Established in 1987 by experienced commercial balloonists Jon Rudoni and Andy Rawson, the company now has the ability to fly more than 6000 thousand passengers each year and owns a fleet of ten balloons. As a family business we are passionate about ballooning, and offer our customers an unrivalled service. Derbyshire and the Peak district. We have three fantastic launch sites in Derbyshire - all within the Peak District National Park. We...
Peak District Balloon Flights - Wickers World Ltd - Staffordshire
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