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Bright Jewels on a Dull Day

Walk Posted on 19 Nov 2012

Some days the Peak District is shrouded in low cloud or hill fog and the splendid views are replaced by a damp, dreary clag.

It is harder to be inspired on these dull days, no yonder far horizon of blue hills nor sun dappled heather and bracken. But wait, there is a visual reward to be had if you look more closely.

One such day finds me running on the moorland around Derwent Edge practising some navigation skills.  The reduced visibility creates a smaller world and as I run it forces me to focus more on my immediate surroundings.  I notice things that on a dry, sunny day I would run past or would simply not be there.
spider's web
spider's web

The silvery web of a heathland spider lies low amongst the mosses and close inspection reveals an intricate network of gossamer threads suspending thousands of tiny water droplets.
Gossamer threads and water droplets 
gossamer threads and water droplets

Amongst the heather, crowberry is adorned with an intertwined jewelled necklace, each precious stone a perfect orb of moisture, so tiny and yet detached from its neighbour, impossibly suspended on such a slender thread.
Natures own necklace 
nature's own necklace

And for a few fleeting moments the sky brightens, a false promise of sun but enough to illuminate a myriad of dew drops, sparkling pendants on the moor grass.
dew drops on moor grass 
dew drops on moor grass
A myriad of sparkling pendants 
a myriad of sparkling pendants
And so a damp Peak District run, from which I return wet legged with sodden feet - but if you look closely, there really is no such thing as a dull day.

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