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Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

For somewhere to go to escape the rain in the school holidays or to simply be fascinated by the geology and archaeology of the Peak District, then why not visit Buxton Museum and Art Gallery? It is the place to go to discover the history of Buxton in their fantastic exhibition called Wonders of the Peak Time Tunnel.

Each time you visit there will be something different to learn about with their ever changing programme of exhibitions and the changing programme of events which happen regularly and also the workshops for all the family to enjoy. The collections which are always on site are truly superb and include geology and archaeology mostly of the Peak District. There are also decorative arts, archives, photographs and much, much more.

At Buxton Museum and Art Gallery there is a constant ever changing very busy programme of temporary exhibitions which take place throughout the year, all set out beautifully in three temporary exhibition galleries. A half years programme leaflet is always produced and is available from the museum or tourist information centre. Most artists hold previews for their exhibitions and the public are invited to join them or can also join the mailing list for invitations. Artists usually sell their work and can provide the public with an opportunity to buy contemporary pictures, craft and sculpture and applications are welcomed from all artists, whether emerging or well-established to show their work in the galleries.

Buxton museum is well known for its important and interesting collections include Carboniferous Limestone deposits which were collected between 1900 - 1950  throughout all areas of the Peak District by Prof Sir William Boyd Dawkins and Dr J. W. Jackson, who were prominent geologists associated with the county and with Manchester Museum. Their findings include ice age animal bones and teeth from caves and quarries, mineral collections, including Blue John, local specimens and cave deposits and also a unique collection of decorative Ashford black marble objects and the tools used to work it.

All the collections at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery are displayed in the Wonders of the Peak Time Tunnel, the award-winning gallery going back in time from the Big Bang to the Victorians as well as in temporary exhibitions. It's a fascinating exhibit and one which will thrill the children too with the imaginatively displayed exhibitions. Wander and wonder through seven environments which will have all been lovingly created complete with appropriate sounds and smells and visitors can wander into a prehistoric forest, scare themselves silly with the bear in its Ice Age cave and crawl inside the Neolithic burial chamber. At the end, why not salute the Roman soldier and be mystified by a meeting with a mermaid!

There is also permanently on show a board photographic gallery collection of images of Buxton, local social history, an art collection of mostly 19th and 20th century importance such as oil, watercolours and prints, but also the Randolph Douglas 'House of Wonders' collection from Castleton. This is a fascinating exhibit which includes a huge collection of locks and keys and some very unusual Houdini material, as well as a superb collection of many wonderful creatures such as dragonflies, sharks and sabre tooth cats and many other items which are evidence of who previously walked through the Peak District in the past.

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery is closed on Mondays except summer bank holidays and is open Tuesday to Friday, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Saturday 9.30 am to 5 pm and Sundays and bank holidays from Easter to 30 September, 10.30 am to 5 pm. There is a wonderful shop which stocks colourful minerals, fascinating fossils and gift items made from decorative stones, as well as local history and special interest books.