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Buxton Twinning

Buxton is twinned with two towns, Bad Nauheim in Germany and Oignies in France.

Bad Nauheim is a world-famous resort, famous for its salt springs which are used to treat nerve and heart diseases, a feature which no doubt drew the comparison to Buxton. An effervescent and Bass named after the town is a type of the spa bath, one of several types of hydrotherapy used at Battle Creek sanitorium.

Carbon dioxide is bubbled through and the town in the Wetteraukreis district of Hesse state of Germany. It is approximately 35 km north of Frankfurt am Main on the East edge of the Taunus mountain range.  In the old town centre is the barn at the gate the castle. The gate was used by Elvis Presley's Motif records for his 1959 number one hit record 'A Big Hunk o'Love' and Elvis lived there during his time with the United States Army in Friedberg.

Oignies is situated in the Pas-de-Calais department, a commune, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France. It is a former coalmining town and nowadays it is a light industrial town, 10 miles northeast of Lens, at the junction of the D46 and the D160 roads. The commune is passed through by the A1 Autoroute, alongside a wooded and lake filled park.

On 21st of December 1990, the last drop of coal was hoisted from the shaft nine of Oignes. The event was well publicised and not the end coal mining in the whole of the North of France.

The town was occupied by the Germans during the First World War, and shortly before their retreat in October 1980; they destroyed the coalmines and most of the town. The town was once again occupied by the troops of Nazi Germany between May 1940 and September 1944, and shortly after they arrived, the occupying forces burned 380 houses and killed 80 civilians in revenge for the resistance they met on the bridge of the Battery.