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Stone from the Peak

Stone is everywhere in the Peak. This is a country where the skeleton is not hidden by a decent covering of soil - the rock sticks out like protruding bones. For hundreds of years, people have made use of this valuable resource to support life in a poor country. Then, as the demand for stone grew in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the industry boomed.

Look at the country around Buxton: quarrying dominates the skyline, for about 150 years it was the town's principal industry. Small communities like Peak Dale boomed at the turn of the 20th century as more and more men were employed in an increasingly dangerous occupation.

Quarrying continues and limestone is still essential for all kinds of industrial purposes. Work practices have become much safer, machinery has got bigger, and, most significantly for the Peak, the industry is much less labour intensive so the number of people employed has significantly decreased.

The boom towns have reverted to villages but the industry continues.

Many thanks to Peakland Heritage for providing this information.