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Carhead Rocks

Blog Posted on 19 Mar 2012

Carhead Rocks and Stanage

The Peak District is reputedly the worlds second busiest national park after Mount Fuji in Japan. Whether this is true is another matter and the Park’s authority has even stated it is hard to monitor numbers.

What is known though, the national park is in very close proximity to two of the UK’s largest cities, Sheffield and Manchester and accumulates a lot of it’s numbers from these two cities.

It is no surprise then, on a hot day perfect for a walk the Peak District quickly becomes filled with people from the local area and more popular places like Stanage Edge, Dovedale and Mam Tor becomes a motorway of human traffic.

So, on days like this when I want to get away from it all and find some solitude there are very few honeypots left in the Peak District that don’t attract many visitors.

I wanted to go Stanage Edge for a shot along the whole of the edge that I had in mind for ages, but knew it would be too busy, I decided to go to Carhead Rocks instead.

Carhead Rocks is just below Stanage Edge and affords you a fantastic view along Stanage, yet is a whole lot quieter. On arriving at the carpark for Carhead and Stanage I had issue finding a space, but once out of the car park I kid you not there wasn’t a soul on Carhead Rocks.

You may be thinking it’s not well known for a reason, maybe its boring, maybe it’s bleak, maybe it doesn’t offer any good views but hopefully the two images below will dispell them notions!

Carhead Rocks

This blog was brought to you by James Grant Photography


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