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Cavendish Cancer Care


Cavendish Cancer Care gives anyone affected by cancer the support they need, when they need it.  Our work makes a real difference to the lives of local people in our community.  It is a fact that “more people are surviving cancer, living with cancer and living longer, which is why our unique support is vital to helping people you know get their lives back on track.” comments Tim.

Our free services help people cope, adjust, live their lives & feel whole again. Our services are proven to work & are completely free service to anyone, whether you are diagnosed with cancer, a family member, friend or carer. Cavendish Cancer Care is an independent charity, receiving only 12 days worth of funding from the NHS per year.  

The minimal NHS funding we receive, our relatively poor public awareness, combined with the high demand for our free services from people in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, and  the competitive environment in which we operate, explains why we have struggled to compete effectively for our share of local fundraising donations.  
Whilst we have concentrated our resources on delivering our unique caring and support services to increasing numbers of clients, it is very clear that unless we start to concentrate on improving how we communicate what we do, we will always struggle to sustain, let alone increase, our share of vital charitable fundraising donations from our region. 

In a stroke of luck at one of our major fundraising events we got the breakthrough we needed.  Sheffield businessman, James Burdall, generously offered us his help to give us the financial support & business & marketing direction we needed to secure our future funding & grow our services.

“I was aware of the Cavendish Cancer Care and its free support services, but felt that it needed my help to improve their awareness, image and message. It was when I met Lady Neill at the Diamond Ball last autumn that I  decided to give a commitment to helping.” says James Burdall.

True to his word, James made a commitment to completely fund the costs of a new website along with marketing & communications specialist, Kate Allatt, to work on a part time, permanent basis for The Cavendish.

Kate comments, “After spending time talking to people involved with The Cavendish Centre, it was apparent that we needed a fresh approach to raise the necessary awareness & funding.  We needed to communicate what we do more effectively, be consistent & reach more local people, businesses & fundraisers.”
“To do this, we had to re-invigorate the Cavendish brand yet maintain their existing core values, give the charity a strong identity in a crowded market place, broaden their appeal & make the brand reflect their local, historical connections.”

After considerable consultations the new Cavendish Cancer Care logo & new motto & website was developed.  This new identity incorporates the White Rose, re-establishing their firm roots in Yorkshire & Derbyshire.  This was fitting symbol as its not only a traditional symbol of Yorkshire, but an integral part of Derbyshire’s Coat of Arms too.  The new motto “Helping you Cope” reflects what most people have said when asked what difference The Cavendish made to their lives.

For more information on how to donate & how to get involved to support us please call us on 0114 2784600, or visit our new website or send us an email to