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Dog Walks In Ashford

images/dogwalking.jpg Wandering around the main road by Ashford in the Water, can be daunting for any dog, because the traffic is quite busy, but there are some wild and other beautiful places that your dog would enjoy. Walking beside the river is a wonderful walk and a great chance for the dogs to have a good walk although some areas, they will need to be on the lead. There are many sheep around, but of course always check first.  Just trotting round the village is great to take the dog, especially if you pick a quiet time not at the weekend of course.

Check out the welcome pack at your holiday cottage because no doubt the owners will have provided you with some pet friendly locations. It's great to step out into the Peak District countryside and be accompanied by your best friend on four legs. Check out our two dog walks down below and see if there are any that takes your fancy. If you know of any more around the Ashford in the Water area, we would love to hear from you.

Mable whets her appetite in Ashord in the Water Time taken 1 ½ hours Ashford is not a place that I knew very well until a couple of summers ago when I was asked to partake in a treasure trail around the village, as part of Grindleford’s carnival week. Mable and I had only ever used it as a thorough fare to Bakewell, as it stands so close. After the treasure hunt I decided that it was time that I introduced Mable to its quaint beauty and Peak District charm, so came back to the village and came upon this walk that uses...
Ashford in the Water via Great Longstone - Peak District Walks
Mable finds the water in Ashford from Bakewell Time take – 2.5 hours This walk takes in the lovely Peak District village of Ashford in the Water which in itself is worth spending time walking around, as it has plenty of charm and character. Even though I drive through it often on the way to Bakewell, until last year I didn’t know how quaint it was or how far it extended. I discovered its charm when taking part in a Grindleford treasure hunt and spent an early summer evening investigating its nooks and crannies. Mable...
Bakewell via Ashford - Peak District Walks
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