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Dog Walks In Castleton

This is one of the most spectacular parts of the Peak District, based on the border between the White Peak and the Dark Peak, so there are plenty of places to enjoy dog walks in Castleton. The best place to park for long stay parking is at the visitor centre and setting off on foot, enjoying a little trek through the village, is a lovely start for any dog walk we're sure you'll agree.  Mam Tor and Winnat's Pass are a must, but dogs need to be kept on leads through most of the pastureland, but it is certainly worth going, and tackling the Great Ridge for those who have the stamina.

With plenty of Castleton pubs offering dog friendly hospitality, some of the gift shops welcome four-legged friends too. How nice to go for a ramble and come back to Castleton to sample the delights of the chocolate box village and the community atmosphere this village has in abundance? Wandering around the wonderful area that is Castleton, alone or with the dog, is a pleasure and a treat all of you and with trails to be enjoyed all around the area, depending on how fit you're feeling, there will be dog walks to suit your mood.
Mable takes on Castleton and Mam Tor Time taken: 2 hours This is a walk which starts with a walk, if you know what I mean. It is one that requires Mable and I to drive and park up in Castleton, which, depending on time of the day; week; year, is not always an easy feat! Castleton is a fabulous Peak District village, quite often bustling with visitors but always quaint and well worth a visit especially when combined with a country walk around it. If it wasn’t for the fact that Mable doesn’t get on with shoppers...
Castleton via Mam Tor - Peak District Walks
Peak Forest and beyond Rushup Edge Time Taken – 4 hours This was a new walk for me and one that was taken initially as a mistake, having made a decision to proceed instead of returning to Peak Forest, we “found” Rushup Edge then had to find our way back. Since that first attempt, which was a little anxious I have walked it again, in sunnier and happier times and although strenuous, we found it to be exciting and interesting for both human and canine companion as it is a complete circle but offers quite...
Peak Forest via Rushup Edge - Peak District Walks
Mable sees that Hope springs eternal as she ventures to Castleton. Time taken 1. 5 - 2 Hours This is a walk of two halves for me, one half on the outward section, shows the full glory of nature and the splendours of the some of the finest scenery in the Peak District. The second inward stretch shows some fine scenery but also shows how man can, out of human necessity, create a complete blot on a landscape – building, as Prince Charles once said, a “monstrous carbuncle”, this time in the form of Hope Cement...
Hope to Castleton - Peak District Walks
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