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Dog Walks In Eyam

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Time taken – 2- 2.5 hours Mable ventures forth to Eyam and Stoney Middleton This is a great walk as not only is it circular, but you have the options of two friendly tea rooms and a pub, The Miners Arms, to choose from when considering a touch of sustenance at the end. It also takes you past some of the historic features that Eyam and its surrounds are justly famous for. Your starting point is the centre of Eyam, near Peak Pantry and the Eyam Tea rooms, to enable you to walk up The Lydgate, past Rose and Fossil Cottage and the...
Eyam via Stoney Middleton - Peak District Walks
Mable finds another route to Eyam from Foolow, via Bretton Time taken – 2 hours This is yet another walk that starts in the Peak District village of Foolow and when accompanied by her best friends is one that Mable enjoys to the full. There is a lot of road walking, I am afraid, but the roads are generally quiet and so long as you take care I have found that the dogs can meander off the lead, quite safely for most of it. Starting in Foolow, just follow the road up to The Barrel at Bretton. This is the main...
Foolow to Eyam, via Bretton - Peak District Walks
3 hours - Mable journeys from Grindleford via Froggatt. This walk starts at Grindleford Bridge, on the north side of the Peak District National Park, though Mable and I have also been very daring on occasions, and started at Froggatt , which is equally as accessible! Walking passed the traffic lights, over Grindleford Bridge as if heading to the railway station, you will find a small wooden gate on the right hand side which, surprisingly starts the walk in a sheep meadow.This field quite often contains sheep tups, which I...
Grindleford via Froggatt - Peak District Walks
Eyam via Bretton Time taken 2 1/2 hours This is a great walk if you don’t mind a stiff walk uphill at the start, out of Eyam on Hawkhill Road. It is also a great walk when you have a dog (Humphrey - my Rain Rescue lovely) that pulls like a train and who is daft enough to pull you all the way to the top! Humphrey, for anyone who has read some of my other pages on Peak District Online has now been with me two months and is thoroughly enjoying his new life in this fabulous area. He has new friends to walk with and lots of...
Eyam via Bretton - Peak District Walks
Mable journeys from Foolow To Eyam Time Taken – 2 hours I love this almost linear walk and Mable and I have done it on many occasions, in both directions, being ex-Eyam residents and with our best friends living in Foolow. Its gentle and easy yet still scenic, offering some gorgeous Peak District views up to Bretton and across to Wardlow and Cressbrook Dale , as you progress in both directions. It is also nearly all off road, apart from the very start and finish, in Foolow, so Mable can spend the majority of it off lead...
Foolow to Eyam - Peak District Walks
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