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Mable walks from Hathersage to Abney – Peak District Walks Time taken 21/2 Hours We have done quite a few walks in our time that take in both Hathersage and Abney as both represent places close to home where we have friends to visit and have been familiar with for a number of years. This walk is not an adventure for us but it does offer some lovely walking and some great scenery. It is gentle yet still makes you feel satisfied when you have completed it. I have started this walk and detailed it from the...
Hathersage to Abney - Peak District Walks
Mable meanders from Grindleford to Hathersage Time taken - 3 hours This walk, from Grindleford out to Hathersage and back, in its various forms, has been a long time summer favourite for Mable, in her menu of Peak District walks, as half of it is taken alongside her favourite natural element – water! The River Derwent runs through Grindleford on the north edge of the Peak District,  and as it is mostly shallow and slow running, has been a great play pool for her on hot days, high days and holidays. Many walk has...
Grindleford via Hathersage - Peak District Walks
Mable returns to old pastures on Stanage Edge via Hathersage Time taken: 3.5 hours This is a Peak District walk I have wanted to do for some time after seeing the millstone grit escarpment, at Stanage Edge, in a Pride and Prejudice film.  I cannot say I have ever seen Mr Darcy’s “Pemberley” from the top, but when previously a Sheffield resident I have, with Mable, quite often scared myself silly when looking over the Edge at the climbers who congregate to climb its craggy face. As ex- city...
Hathersage to Stanage Edge - Peak District Walks
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