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Dreaming of better weather to come

Blog Posted on 22 Feb 2011

Another week that has started with foul weather affecting the rivers and any sensible chances of fly fishing.   Still that does not mean there is nothing to do.   Will be giving a talk and fly tying demo to Derby County Angling Club tonight.   This is one of the strongest Fishing clubs around and it has a wealth of waters for all fishing interests, be it coarse, trout or salmon.   It is a club that even visiting anglers could consider if they are regularly in the Peak District, especially with the cost of day tickets for fishing ever increasing and the limited availability of permits on some of the waters.


This coming weekend will see me tying at the Shooting and Fishing Show in Newark, Notts.   This is going to be huge and will be the place to be.   There are going to be fly tiers from all over the UK and from abroad as well as a wide range of Retail Outlets and Manufacturers there showing the latest tackle for the new season.


In between I will be getting on with my Mayfly orders as well as some Salmon flies and completing my tackle overhaul.   I will also start on the flies for Carsington and the other larger still waters which are opening in about a month.   These will include a range of Buzzers, Stick Fly, Skinny Cormorant and others.   I will have to add a couple of brightly coloured Blobs for beginner clients because they work so well and can mean the difference between a fish and no fish, something that is important for 'first timers' - it is vital to get the 'string pulled' early on in the fishing experience.


Mayfly Dun drying under the leaves       Mayfly Dun imitation

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