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Extreme Sports

Peak District extreme sports is all about pushing yourself to the limit. If you're one of those people who have a high level of adrenaline and love danger in your life, then this is the section just for you. We have extreme activities which have fast speed, huge height, and a high level of physical exertion to blow your socks off. You will probably need highly specialised gear and be able to do spectacular stunts - but that's half the fun are we right?  If this sounds right up your alley, precipice or waterfall then read on!

Here in the Peak District we have lots of opportunities to try out extremes sports. We have Peak District Caving and Tunnelling, for those who aren't claustrophobic. If you like climbing, then we have Peak District bouldering, slab climbing and Peak District mountaineering. For the water lover, we have Peak District canoeing and white water rafting. Or maybe you'd like to soar through the skies, with or without a motor! Peak District gliding, handgliding and flying should have something just for you.

If danger on four wheels or two is your thing, then have a look at our sections on Peak District scrambling, road cycling - maybe off roading in the Peak District is your cup of tea? We have Peak District BMX, motorcross and mountain biking. There are Peak District extreme sports to suit you all. We have a huge collection of free sports, action sports and adventure sports to test you to the limit.

So buckle up, take a breath and browse through our pages of Peak District Peak District extreme sports galore. Why not try out something new this year and add a bit of spice to your life. Weekends off after a week of hard work are for doing something a little bit different. All work and no play is no fun at all - and if danger is your thing, then we are sure to have something just for you.