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Fancy learning the art of fly fishing?

Blog Posted on 16 Jan 2012

David Johnson runs Peaks Fly Fishing, a fly fishing school operating in and around the Peak District. Peaks Fly Fishing is unique as it owns the fishing rights on a small private stretch of the river Derwent where customers can learn the art of fly fishing with the river all to themselves. David has 25 years experience fishing the streams and reservoirs in the Peaks and his friendly easy going style has helped thousands of anglers catch their first fish.

When asked what makes the Peak District so attractive to fly anglers David says - “The Peak District is a special area because the geography of the Dark Peak and White Peaks are so different. You can fish peat stained upland reservoirs for beautiful wild brown trout or lowland limestone streams that are crystal clear and full of insect life”

David has been running Peaks Fly Fishing for 5 years and says– “People often ask me if I get bored of fishing now that I am out teaching all the time and the truth is actually the opposite, I enjoy my fishing time more than I ever have”

Peaks Fly Fishing is now one of the busiest fly fishing schools in the UK running one to one tuition and open courses all year round , both on the river and local still waters and reservoirs.
If you are visiting the Peak District on holiday and fancy learning the art of fly fishing you can contact David

This blog was brought to you by Peak Fly Fishing


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