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Fantastic Fungi – by Peak Walking Adventures

Walk Posted on 03 Oct 2011

Fly agaric and unknown 

Penny Bun

Milk Cap

Go for a walk in any woodland at this time of year and you are almost guarantees to see a wide variety of fungi.  One of our walks last week took us along the footpath from the A57 Snake Pass Road, over Haggwater Bridge, and up through the woodland on the South West side of Woodlands Valley.  It is a pretty walk through the pine trees at any time of year, but became almost magical last week due to the number of different types of fungi.  They grew in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of colours.  With our handy little identification chart from The Fields Studies Council  we managed to identify some of them such as Penny Bun, Fly Agaric, and Milk Caps.  Others we are still struggling to identify. 
Coming out of the woodland at the top of the hill we arrived at Hope Cross, an old stone waymarker post that has been there since 1747.  We then followed the old Roman Road towards the village of Hope which passes over high grassland areas.  Here we found some large field mushrooms nestling amongst the grass.

Penny Bun



Field Mushroom

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