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Fere Mere, Monyash

Monyash Fere Mere


Monyash is located about four miles south-west of Bakewell on the B5055, with the mere being just off the crossroads in the centre of the village.

The upland area of the White Peak is well drained through porous limestone bed-rock, making it necessary years ago for water to be captured and retained in some way. In fields of pasture it is possible to see ancient dew ponds or stone troughs where livestock could drink before mains water was available. Many of the villages had springs and wells for their water supply, whereas Monyash was even more fortunate. Because it lies in a bed of clay on top of the limestone, forming a natural lining which retained water, the village had a series of five ponds or meres, Fere Mere being the only survivor. 

Fere Mere is quite deep and therefore encircled by a stone wall to protect it. Until early in the 20th century it provided the main supply of drinking water for Monyash.

Derbyshire is proud of its abundant natural water supplies, with the ancient custom of well dressing being unique to the county. Many villages hold a well dressing week on differing dates between May and late September.

Well Dressing or Well Flowering as it is also known originated in Pagan times as a form of worship by early Christians for being provided with flowing springs and pure water.

Well Dressings are floral pictures often with a biblical significance which are constructed on wooden trays filled with clay that are hoisted up and mounted on a wooden frame beside each well in the village. The pictures are formed using all manner of plants, seeds, petals and natural materials which are painstakingly pressed into the clay, taking several days and often nights to complete. The well dressers are village residents who volunteer their services each year with community spirit but often a sense of competition with other villages to produce the most artistic and decorative well dressing.

Monyash well dressing week is held at the end of May.


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