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Flower Power

Walk Posted on 06 Jun 2012

It’s that super time of the year again where everything is new, alive and BURSTING to get out there! We know where the best spots for wild flowers are, and never tire of visiting them when they are at their best. The walk started from Wardlow Mires, where our favourite pub, the Three Stags is. Jeff, the landlord, kindly gave us permission to park there for the day. Here’s the unusual sign. No ordinary painted board for the Stags!

It’s a quirky place, and their sense of humour is nicely summed up by this sign in the small car park.


Within ten minutes, we were in Cressbrook dale, and amongst the orchids – COUNTLESS numbers of them!


Also, just as many cowslips, resplendent in their new yellow.


A close study of the early purple orchid.



I took quite a few pictures of the flowers.

For now, we rose out of Tansley dale to make our way towards the sleepy village of Litton. We thought that tree by the barn looked fantastic, set in the stone walls surrounding it.


Patterns, lovely limestone patterns. Not everything man does is ugly!


Mind you, that solar panelled roof isn’t that nice to look at.


The heart of the village, the Red Lion pub, complete with a set of stocks (out of shot) on the green in front of it.


I really have NO explanation for this – a tree loaded with shoes and boots????



Now HERE’S a beautiful anomal – and he’s spotted us.


“Rght, you two, who’s got the carrots???”


I think he thought Sue’s arm was a carrot!


Look at me – aren’t I just beautiful? (Yes, you ARE).


Then again, so is this lovely cherry blossom by the side of the lane.


We walked along a quiet lane towards the next village called ‘Windmill’. We really don’t mind road walking for a while when the roads are as lovely as this.


We decided to have lunch on a handy bench at the side of some old mine ruins. Of course, there were several bunches of cowslips there too.


I love these info’ plaques, to me, it’s money well spent.


You can see our lunch bench top left – what a great view to have while eating, eh?


Just outside the village of Great Hucklow, we took a left towards Bradwell. We saw this (cultivated but lovely) bunch of tulips in a copse by the road.


And a MAGNIFICENT patch of marsh marigold.


Three lovely coloured horses in a field.


A wildflower meadow on the outskirts of Bradwell.


We saw this very well preserved Ford Corsair.


The calm before the storm! Most of the climbing on this walk was about to hit us full on! This nice track turns left and heads straight up to the top of the edge – and the sun was now quite strong.


So steep is this edge that it’s very popular with hang gliders. You can also see one of the gliders from the Great Hucklow field above him.


A dandelion and a stone stile.


Yes Sue, mnow we’ve climbed right up here, we have to drop right down into that valley – and climb up to that ridge in front. You can see the path to the right of that wall. On the left are what we suspect might be old mine workings.


After all the up-and-downing, we entered the village of Foolow, one of the best looking villages in Derbyshire. The village ducks were not on the pond today, preferring to laze in the garden where they live.


Two beautiful butterflies on a mossy wall.


Then it was a short walk back to Wardlow Mires and the car. We could see Peter Stone ahead of us in the evening light. A good days walk, and a great days living.


This walk was brought to you by Les Singleton of Ricci's Cafe and Takeaway.

Area: Wardlow

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