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Blog Posted on 14 Jun 2012

Fly fishing in Derbyshire, the Peak District, South Yorkshire or anywhere for that matter is about deceiving fish with an artificial fly. There is much confusion about what is meant by “Fly”. Just look in a Fly Tackle Shop and you will be amazed at what passes as a so called fly.

River & Lake Flies are creatures that live for almost all of their lives underwater as Nymphs or Larvae. When we use imitations of these we are “Wet Fly or Nymph” fishing.

They are ancient creatures; some of them predate the dinosaurs, and those that do change from Nymph to Air Breathing Fly at the surface in a process that takes only a matter of seconds. It is one of nature’s true wonders. On completion the creature is an air breathing fly and when we imitate these we are “Dry Fly” fishing.

We can imitate the creature as it is in the process of changing & this is called fishing an “Emerger”. This can be a very successful approach but to be effective it has to be done when the natural creatures are “emerging”.

That is the trick to it all really. The fish react to what the Fly are doing and as Fly fishers we should be doing the same thing. That is, reacting to what the Fly are doing & offering the fish the correct imitation doing the correct thing.

If that sounds too much trouble then stick a worm or a piece of bread on and be a Bait Fisher. If, on the other hand, it sounds fascinating then you will absolutely love Fly fishing.

Stoneclinger Nymph

Stoneclinger Nymph

Emerging Nymph - the Numph has 3 tails, the Fly has 2.

Emerging Nymph - The Nymph has 3 tails, the fly has 2.
Brook Dun

Brook Dun

I always teach people to understand these basic rules as it is fundamental to what Fly fishing is all about. You don’t have to know the name of every fly on the water – the fish don’t. You do, however, have to know what the Fly are doing & what the Fish are doing & what You need to do about it!

The Derbyshire Peak District has some stunning Fly fishing venues, both River & Stillwater, so why not have a day Fly fishing and really get to know the Rivers that have made Ashford, Bakewell, Chatsworth & Haddon Hall such idyllic locations.
Tight Lines!     

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