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Fly Fishing Hints & Tips

Blog Posted on 30 Jul 2012

Fly Fishing in the Peak District, Derbyshire & South Yorkshire in August can prove to be tricky.

Fly fishing instruction requires a detailed knowledge of the water to be fished & its inhabitants.

Learning to Fly fish isn’t just about learning to cast or having a vast choice of flies. It’s about being able to put the right imitation fly in the right place and present it in such a way that it looks real to the fish.

If the weather continues to be more settled and we get hot, bright days then look for the fish down deep or in shady places. They don’t have eyelids so being out of bright sunlight is more comfortable for them.

If it becomes very hot then they will seek out the well oxygenated places. Perhaps where a river or stream enters a lake, or at the head of pools in flowing water, or near the aerators in still waters. These are all good places to try.
As regards Fly choice
 then always ask the owner of the fishery or the water bailiff what they would recommend. Look around and see what is about both in the water & in the air. Check the spider’s webs as they can be very revealing. Daddy Long Legs will probably feature along with other terrestrials, sedges will be about especially in the evenings and large numbers of fry, so fry patterns can be useful.

If the fish appear to be taking at the surface but aren’t interested in your dry fly then try a nymph or spider pattern fished just subsurface – this requires a lot of skill and quick reactions but it is a fantastic and delicate way to fish!

August can, and often is, a tricky month but make the most of it as the rewards are magical. Fly fishing isn’t about catching loads of fish; if it was then we would just use a worm and have done with it!

As always Tight lines!  Peter 
If you would like more information about Fly fishing then please contact Peter Lax, Professional Game Angling Instructor & Licensed Level 2 Coach.  Click here for details


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