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Fly Fishing in The Peak District, Derbyshire & South Yorkshire in July

Blog Posted on 06 Jul 2012

Double Badger

Fly fishing in the Peak District, Derbyshire & South Yorkshire, you should see a great deal of fly life coming into play in July. If we do get anything like a summer this year then the month should be warm & mainly dry.

The fly life will react to this by being more active in the cooler parts of the day, the morning & particularly in the evening. When Fly fishing on Stillwater or River we should plan to take advantage of this and be there in the morning or evening. Fly fishing in the middle of the day will give results but it can be gruelling if it is really hot.

Sedge Flies appear in great numbers and in the main they are a creature of the evening. Make sure you have some sedge patterns and be prepared to offer them in all sizes. It is the one time that the Dry Fly Fisherman will purposely let his Dry Fly “Drag” to simulate the “Skittering” of the natural Sedges over the water. The takes can be savage!

Silver Sedge

Terrestrial Flies are about in numbers now and we should be looking at the ones that are poor flyers on breezy days. Many of these flies end up on the water as Trout Food so have some Flying Ant, Daddy Long Legs, & Beatle Patterns with you. Trout are opportunists and so should you, the Fly fisherman, be.  Fish them on the downwind end of still waters and around tree lined banks on rivers. 

Orange Tag Daddy

Whether giving Fly fishing Instruction in the Peak District, Guiding in South Yorkshire or Fly fishing Lessons in Derbyshire I always try to instil into my clients the importance of looking what is happening around them. What are the Flies doing? What are the Fish doing as a result of it? And what should We be doing to take advantage of it?

As always – Tight Lines!   Peter

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