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Fly Fishing – Magic May?

Blog Posted on 14 May 2012

The month of May is a highlight in the Fly fisher’s calendar as waterborne flies start to emerge in ever increasing numbers. The Mayfly (Ephemera Vulgata & Danica) puts in an appearance any time from mid May to mid June and we enter a period classed as “the cream of fly fishing time”. The price of Day Tickets on the prime fisheries also starts to emerge in increasing numbers. The Mayfly time is short and unpredictable so if you intend to treat yourself be prepared for high ticket prices with no guarantees. Take a selection of patterns to the water with you and ask the River Keeper or a local Fly fisher what they recommend. You need to brush up on your Emergers, Duns, Spinners & Spent Spinners. You will be casting to rising fish so you will need to cast accurately & delicately and present the fly well. The fish will be spoilt for choice so your offering has to look every bit as good as the natural insect. If you can tick all of those boxes then the sport can be breathtaking. If not then hiring a Guide/Coach can make a lot of sense!

I wish you every success and bid you Tight Lines! - Peter

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