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Blog Posted on 13 Mar 2013

Fly fishing in the Peak District & South Yorkshire is only 3 weeks away now. It’s an exciting time as we all wonder what the new season will have in store. Hopefully the weather will be kinder than last season and the Fly life and Fish will be plentiful.

It’s time to go through your check list in readiness for the first day out:

-    Renew your E.A. License.
-    Check the Waders have no obvious holes in them.
-    Check your lines for cracks & general wear & tear. It should have been cleaned after your last trip but it will still benefit from a polish.
-    Are the Rod & Reel still in good working order?
-    Check your Net to ensure there are no additional holes.
-    Flies, Leaders & General Accessories are all vitally important so check you have them all & you have sufficient quantities of the right ones.
-    How’s your Casting, have you kept up your practice or do you need a bit of a refresher session? – Now is the time to get one booked because things get very busy come April!
-    Do you fancy treating yourself to something a little different this season – perhaps a day on a Beautiful Trout Stream stalking wild fish or a Grayling Day (16th June onwards) might appeal? Don’t leave it too long to decide as days get booked quickly.

Whatever you do this season I hope it turns out to be a good one for you and, as always, I wish you “Tight Lines!”

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Fly fishing for wild trout

Fly fishing in the Peak District

Fly fishing in the Peak District and South Yorkshire


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