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Fly Fishing - September Hints and Tips

Blog Posted on 31 Aug 2012

Fly Fishing in the Peak District National Park during September will hopefully be a little more predictable.

So far we have had a lot of rain and unseasonably cool weather. It’s hard to believe that the last month of the Trout Season is upon us. Here’s hoping it will live up to expectations.

September is usually a good month as the Trout should be feeding well in order to put on some weight before their breeding season. We need to make the most of this month & the extra week that Derbyshire Fly fishing waters usually have at the beginning of October will be especially welcome.

The Still Water Fly fisher should keep an eye out for water snails in the surface layer and try patterns with orange in them to simulate the snails. Fry Patterns should prove useful as the bigger fish target the fry. If the fish are feeding at the surface then look at what they are feeding on. Daddy Long Legs are likely to be on the menu, especially if the day is breezy.

The River Fly fisher should be armed with Sedge Patterns, both Dry & Emerger, together with Daddy Long Legs & Beetle Patterns (remember the Double Badger is a brilliant Derbyshire Fly). Take along the usual Nymphs and if you want some seriously delicate fishing a few North Country Spider Patterns may just pay dividends (Partridge & Orange / Snipe & Purple / Dark Watchet).

To be a good Fly fisher you must offer the fish a fly pattern that represents what they are eating. You must then offer it in such a way that they think it is the real thing. It is the art of deception and the fish will be the ones who have the final say on just how good we are.

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