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Fly fishing Tuition in the Peak District on SAFETY

Blog Posted on 07 Jan 2013

Fly fishing Tuition in the Peak District, Derbyshire Dales & South Yorkshire takes you to some beautiful locations on both river & still water. I teach Casting, Fly fishing Techniques, Basic Entomology, Fly Choice, River Craft, Tackle & Set Up, but regardless of where I teach or what is to be included SAFETY is always one of the first things I cover.

Be it Still Water or River it can be a potentially dangerous environment and we should always treat it with the greatest respect. It always surprises me how many people who have Fly fished for years pay scant regard to the safety of themselves or others.

At the start of a new year let’s just have a look at some of the basics that can make our fishing a little safer next season without turning it into a health & safety nightmare.

A pair of Polaroid Glasses gives us a fishing advantage & protects us from a hook in the eye!
Fly fishing glasses
A Brimmed Hat or Peak Cap shades our eyes from the sun & deflects a hook that would otherwise hit us in the face!
Suitable hats
A Wading Staff allows us to “test the water” as it were & provides a reassuring third leg when moving position whilst wading.
Wading staff
A Life Jacket should always be worn when fishing from a boat but what about when we are wading or fishing from a dam wall, fishing platform, or near a steep drop off? I realise they can be a bit cumbersome but surely that isn’t nearly as inconvenient as ending up drowned! You can even get Fly Vests that incorporate a buoyancy aid these days. Some models also self inflate on immersion into the water and will self right an unconscious wearer.
150n Life jacket

Fly fishing vest incorporating a 100n buoyancy aid
A bottle of Antimicrobial Gel to clean hands before eating is a good idea; you only have to look at what you clean off your Fly Line to appreciate what goes floating by. On a similar note covering any open wounds is a wise precaution. Weil`s Disease may not be common but it can be fatal!

I could go on about Sun Cream, Appropriate Clothing, Food and a Drink etc. but I would urge you all to think about safety & try to make 2013 an enjoyable & safe season!

Happy New Year & Tight Lines!

Peter Lax  (Professional Fly fishing Instructor & Licensed Game Angling Coach)

This blog was brought to you by Peter Lax Fly Fishing Tuition


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