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Great feedback from another customer this week………..

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- A dissatisfied customer will generally tell 9-15 people about their bad customer service experience, and approximately 13% of those dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people about their bad experience!

- Happy customers who have their problems resolved or simply experience great customer service will only tell 4-6 people about their positive experience.

So it is important to spread the word, when you receive great customer service, particularly in today's climate, when good news can spread even quicker with the internet, twitter, Facebook, blog's, such as this, as well as good old fashioned word of mouth!

I spent a day quadbiking at Wild Park Derbyshire a couple of months ago and we also had a chance to have a go at firing some paintballs at an old car, to see if we liked it and it seemed such good fun and I put it on my to do list.

The day I had was wonderful and I was really impressed with the customer care and service I recieved that day, so impressed that I told a lot of people about it and specifically recommended it to a friend, Sarah, who was looking for a great day out with a group of ex-school friends.

They are a great bunch of 24/25 year olds who went to school at Woodlands in Allestree together, went their separate ways off to Uni, travelled the World, some doing Masters (like Sarah), most now in careers, and who always get together 3 or 4 times a year to join together in an activity for fun, friendship and keeping in touch in real life outside of Facebook connection. Some also did the 3 Peaks Challenge together! So they were certainly up for a challenge and lots of fun!!

I asked Sarah if she would let me know how she got on. This is her feedback...
"From the very start of the day we felt very welcomed and looked after. As soon as we got there and had our group assembled, Davina (I think it was her – black hair tied up) came over to us and explained the registration process and the levels of paintball packages that we could get on the day and how much they would all cost. She then asked us to proceed inside where we filled out the registration forms and were kitted up!

The jumpsuits, under-armour, helmets and gloves were all in very good condition. The process of getting kitted up was very well organised by the staff, and we were shown outside as soon as we were ready to make room for others in the changing room.

We were then taken down to the ‘safe zone’ where we received a briefing from Jamie. I’ve been paintballing before, as well as on other activity days, and I’ve never known anyone be so captivating and funny and able to hold the attention of such a large group of people (there must have been about 40-50 of us there in total) while still delivering all the necessary safety instructions, as well as the schedule of the day. Jamie was absolutely wonderful and we felt instantly that if there was any problem, we could contact him, or any one of the other members of staff who were equally lovely and helpful.

After getting fully kitted up in all our gear, we were shown to our guns and the marshals made sure we were all okay operating them safely before we were shown out onto the first game course and briefed on the game.

The games were all brilliant! I’ve never had such a diverse range of games, on such a large, well thought out game site before. They’ve obviously thought hard about which game would work well on each area of the site, and make sure there are a great range of games available on the day so it doesn’t get repetitive and boring.

The marshals were great at ushering people back to the safe zone when they were out of the game to ensure that no one was hurt while walking back to the hut through the line of fire. We felt completely safe at all times. We had a couple of girls with us who were a bit nervous at the start of the day, but by the end of the first game, they were completely settled, all due to the wonderful staff.

A true family affair, even the young lads in the family were helping to de-fog everyone’s masks at the end of each game, asking if we needed anything and if we were having a good day – we felt truly looked after even though there were so many people there.

We received a free photo of our group at the end of the day, which Joe, the birthday boy, took home. The rest of us were informed that we could find the photo for free on the website – which we’ve all now downloaded – a fantastic memory of the day.

This is the best paintballing experience any of us have ever had and we’ve all promised ourselves that we’ll be back for someone else’s birthday very soon. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend this wonderful experience. They seem to have everything sorted out – so well organised and orchestrated."
Sarah also added
"I’d like to thank the whole team for a wonderful day – keep up the fantastic work!"

Sarah is pictured above (bottom row, centre) with her friends, post their fab experience!

So as I started this blog focusing on promoting great customer service when you get a chance, then Wild Park Derbyshire certainly deserve the following promotion and if you are impressed with this super feedback on their customer service, then please do spread the word too yourself.

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From a very pleased customer Dina Holland.

This blog was brought to you by Wild Park Derbyshire