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Rowsley Artist Blags her First Blog

Blog Posted on 01 Feb 2011

Welcome to my first Blog. Isn’t “Blog” a weird word? Why do they call it that? It makes me think of mud and slop (ohhhhhh that’s bog). Sorry the jokes won’t get better I’d better warn you now. Anyway, introductions.


Hello, my name is Helen Clark, I’m an artist and I have a compact and bijou little studio and gallery in the Peak District. You may know me already but if not I’m at the Gallery in Rowsley, between Bakewell and Matlock. Go through Chatsworth? Then past Beeley? Got it now? Can you picture it? Good. 


 I’ve been approached by the lovely people at Peak District Online to write a series of weekly blogs to entertain you. I immediately thought this would be a doddle – I can rattle on for England so I thought it would be a breeze. I jumped at the chance - who wouldn’t? I get to talk about myself and no one can answer me back or interrupt? Then I tried to start writing – mmmmmm, where do I begin?


“In a galaxy far far away....” no – not appropriate. Is Rowsley a galaxy? Is Bakewell a far away land? I Think not, try again.
“Once upon a time....” no that won’t do either. 


 I tried to remember what the Peak Online folk said as a guideline. “Write about what paintings you’re doing,”  they said. “Talk about the customers who come and see you. Talk about how painting makes you feel”


I can do this. Ok – I’ve got it now – here goes:


Here’s a’s of a dog.........I like it cos it’s got nice eyes......the lady who owns it wore a red hat...........I feel like I want to stroke it’s fur.........I feel a bit sick.......oh heck. I’m going to have to get better than this or I’ll be forever known as a Bogger – not a Blogger.


I promise to practise my bogging and next time it will be informative, inciteful and inconsistent.....

Here’s some piccies of Goldie anyway. She’s my first pet portrait order for 2011 and hopefully the photographs will speak for themselves. She’s a Lhasa Apso and is a bit poorly at the moment and I promised Rosemary, her owner, that I’d make her look happy and sparkly. I hope you like it Rosemary.















Tune in next week to see if she did.........


Blog brought to you by Helen Clark

Type Of Art: Painting
Location: Caudwells Mill, Rowsley

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