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Procrastinating Artist Wears 4 Pullovers in Peak District

Blog Posted on 02 Feb 2011

Well it’s the last week of January and it’s frrrrrreezing.  Working in an old stable block in the middle of the Peak District sounds so romantic, I know, but the reality often means I have to wear my thermals, 3 pairs of trousers, 9 jumpers, 2 hats and a pair of gloves. Have you ever tried painting in a pair of gloves? Not easy.




My little compact and bijou studio has kept me quite warm this winter though. I moved into the cobbled courtyard studio at Caudwell’s Mill, last January, having spent 11 very cold winters in my much larger Gallery round the corner near the craft shop. I really needed a bit of a sabbatical to concentrate on building up a new collection of work. I used to sell my originals as soon as they hit the walls in my old place and I guess the pressure got to me a little. It was such a large space to fill for one lickle artist.  




Ok it got to me A LOT. My hubby said I turned into a right DIVA.  A Diva – Moi? I used to hold my arm up to my forehead and sigh “I can’t take it anymore,” in a very dramatic, over the top  manner. (I told him it was him leaving his socks on the floor too many times that prompted this little outburst, but he wasn’t having any of it)
A year’s gone by and as if by magic a wonderfully warm insulated new ceiling has gone up in my original Gallery. I’m moving back there in March hurrah!
But what about the pressure, I hear you cry? How will you cope Helen, filling all that lovely wall space with your original paintings? Will your husband get it in the neck – again?


Never  fear my faithfull  bloggers  (can I call you faithful when I’ve only written 3 blogs so far? Yes I think it’s appropriate) I WILL NOT BE ALONE.................
I’ll tell you next time who, or what, is moving in with me, in my old/new Gallery at Rowsley (are you following this? It was my old place then it wasn’t and now it will be my new place? Simples)


It’s very very very very very very extremely very exciting ! (Bet you can’t wait)




Anyway enough of my teasing. I finished the portrait of Dutch this week and daren’t show the owners yet. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. I finish a portrait then am too scared to ring them in case they say  “That’s nothing like him - what are you on?????”  These people have to come from as far away as Buxton via Bakewell don’t you know? (that’s not too far I know but I always tell myself some sort of excuse, like – “Oh, they live too far away” or ” It’s raining, they’ll not want to turn out in this weather”  or more often “ I’ll phone them tomorrow”   That’s my insecurities over with for this blog, you’ll be glad to know.




I don’t mind crowing about this little series of new paintings though. This is a small taster of the brand new collection of work I’ve been beavering away at for the last few months. It’s all to do with a fellow called Villager Jim...........I’m teasing again. It will be worth the wait I promise!


Blog Brought to you by Helen Clark

Type Of Art: Peak District paintings
Location: Caudwells Mill, Rowsley

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