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Higger Tor fisheye photo

Blog Posted on 19 Jan 2012

One of my least used and most favourite lens is my nikon 10.5 fisheye. For a lens which is reasonably expensive it can be very limiting but can be a very fun lens to use, on a very windy trip to Higger tor i popped the fisheye on and started scouting around but ended up taking a photo of this oddly shaped rock which must be the most photographed rock in the area, but I have never seen it  taken with a fisheye, so i set my tripod up and push down on it with all my weight to stop my camera blowing away.

Now one of the issues with this lens is they is no filter screw so the use of a filter to balance the sky wasn't a option, It was way to windy to bracket the shot exposing for the foreground and sky in two photos. so my only option was to try and expose somewhere in the middle for the sky and foreground and using a method in photoshop called double processing to have a dramatic sky and a detailed foreground

Here is a quick step by step guide on how I brung out the sky in this image

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