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Hints & Tips December 2013

Blog Posted on 28 Nov 2013

Fly fishing Tuition at Chatsworth has certainly proved to be a success in more

ways than one. It has given Fly fishers the chance to fish for winter Grayling,

which many people don’t have access to. It has also fished its little socks off with

everyone getting into some lovely, fin perfect, fish.

The trick has been to get well down to the fish with heavy case less caddis type

patterns. This is the norm during the colder months and December fishing is

likely to continue in the same vein. Don’t forget a few Grayling Pattern Dries

as you can get brief hatches and it would be a shame to miss them. I saw a very

brief hatch yesterday and the Griffiths Gnat enticed a few takes. Some patterns

to have with you are: Heavy case less Caddis (Czech Nymphs, if you prefer) &

Tungsten Bead Nymphs. For the dries: Griffiths Gnat, CDC Sedge, Red Tag,

Treacle Parkin & small Tupps to mention a few.

If you have access to Grayling fishing then get your thermals out and pack up

the hot soup and get out there because it really is worth it.

The Still Waters should continue to fish well if you have the patterns to get down

to the fish. Again Czech Nymphs and Heavy Flies will be required and fish them

slowly and deep! Don’t forget, though, that if we get a few warm days then fish

will come up for terrestrials so take a few dry patterns with you.

It can be very pleasant if you wrap up warm and you can usually have the run of

the place rather than having to compete for bank space. Yes the days are short

but they can prove well worth the effort.


As Christmas is almost upon us how about a Fly fishing Gift Vouchers towards

a Casting Lesson or a Fly fishing Day for the Fly fisher in your life. Many of the

Instructors & Guides offer them and they make a change from the usual socks &


I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Kind Regards - Peter

Peter Lax Professional Game Angling Instructor & Licensed Fly fishing Coach GAIC/LL2CCA


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