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Holmesfield Memories

I was extremely pleased to find this website. I was born in Chesterfield in 1953, lived in Dronfield Woodhouse for a time then we moved up to Holmesfield. My father used to rent Northern Common Farm in Dronfield Woodhouse and he sang in the Sheffield Singers and Totley & Dore Amateur Operatic Society.

He was for many years in the church choir when Arthur Revill was Vicar. We lived at The Green in Holmesfield in a house which was owned by my fathers' cousin. My father’s cousin’s name was Tom Adlington who had a farm next door to us. He had a housekeeper called Ada Hasland and a farm labourer called Jim. My father’s name was Colin Adlington.

My father’s sister also lived on The Green and her name was Elizabeth (known as Bess) Boydon. Her husband was Ernest Boyden. Another Sister lived close by on Cowley Lane. Her name was May Meadows. Her husband was called Sid Meadows. 

When we were children we were always involved with the church. At Christmas there was always a Sunday School Christmas Party. Also there was the Conservative Christmas Party, because father was involved with them we got invited to the parties. At Whitsuntide there was always a sports event which took place on Whit Monday afternoon to be allowed to take part in the event, Mr Revill said we had to go round singing in the morning. So e set of every Whit Monday morning with the Scouts and Guides playing musical instruments to accompany us and we went to Millthorpe and some of the Cordwell Valley always ending up at what I thought was a grand house as it had got a big garden and we had sandwiches and a drink laid on for us. We went home after that to have lunch and get into our shorts. One year my cousins from Sheffield turned up and Mr Revill said to them to join in as everyone was welcome and they won several prizes which were enjoyed by everyone after we had had tea and sandwiches and cake in the Sunday school room.

Father had a plan and we had to leave the village as he and my uncles had bought a farm near Doncaster. To this day I regret leaving. 

When we left our house at 36 Main Road, The Green, Holmesfield, Near Sheffield. (That is how we wrote the address) My Auntie (My father’s sister) lived in the house. Her name was Elsie Hawley and was a post woman. Her husband was called Eric Hawley and worked for Sheffield Corporation and was a painter and decorator.

I hope this has been of service to you. We lived in Holmesfield from about 1957 to 1963.

I am, Sadie Rosina Elizabeth Hawthorne (Nee Adlington) My mothers name was also Sadie but I have always been known as Elizabeth after my Auntie