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Hulme End

Walk Posted on 28 Oct 2011

Start at: Hulme End . Grid ref: SK103 592 . Difficulty: Moderate . Distance: 9.5 km .

From the car park on Hartington Road at Hulme End turn left along the road and continue to a path on the right immediately after the farm. Cross the fields moving diagonally left as you go, passing Hollow Farm on your right via a stile in the middle of the hedge. The path now leads to a gate and wooden stile then diagonally right to find a gate in the wall at the far end which brings you out at the road.

Cross the road, with Warslow Hall to your left and into a narrow field where moving diagonally left brings you up near Upper Brownhill Farm. With the farm to your left move slightly right and continue to Steps Farm. Pass through the farm to the far end of the farmyard where a right turn leads you to a footbridge and a path past Hayes Cottage. Take the stile behind the cottage and bear left, heading towards the derelict remains of Hayeshead.

Walk across the front of the buildings to find a gate at the top then continue through an obvious hollow and follow it around as it curves right to join a track. Follow this track to a road where turning right leads you Knowle Top on your left. As the road forks ignore both branches but instead carry straight on onto a footpath which descends to a fork in the path network. Keep left here then left again at a junction followed immediately by a right turn between the walls to reach the road.

Cross the road onto a short section of footpath that again emerges at a road almost opposite Marsh Farm. Turn right along the road then left at the junction to reach a stream with a stile on the right. Take the stile and turning slightly left follow the field boundary down past Ludburn to a bridge over the River Manifold.

A gap in the hedge opposite leads across the fields to a stile and gate in the corner where a right turn through the stile drops down to the river. As the river bends to the right cross the stile and follow the fence to a stile in the wall on your left. The track now goes through the trees to a stile and a short path to the road again. At the T junction turn uphill to make your way into Brund.

Walk through Brund along the road as far as a left turn where a stile on the right leads onto a descending path. The path drops down to a bridge in the trees after which, keeping the wall to your left, follow the path down to a wider track and a derelict farm on the right. Continue down the track to Lowend Farm and on to another road. Turn right along the road and continue to a stile on your left the aiming for the left hand wall continue on to the next stile.

Head across the obvious gully to a stile then bear right to another stile, this time in the left hand wall, and emerge at the road again. Turn left along the road to a stile on the right then aim slightly left of the farm buildings cross the field to another stile. Turn right now for the last short section of road to the bridge and the short stroll back into Hulme End.

Area: Hulme End, Warslow

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