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Ladybower Prepares For Opening Day 2012

Blog Posted on 29 Feb 2012

Ladybower reservoir, in the heart of the Peak District Natioanl Park is one of the most stunning fly fishing venues in the UK. Built in the late 1930's  by flooding the villages of Ashopton and Derwent, Ladybower's water is supplied by the rivers Derwent and Ashopton which flow in to the reservoir.

Opening day for fly fishing is the 1st March for season ticket holders and the 3rd of March for day tickets. This extensive water can be fished either from the bank or by boats which are available to hire from the ticket office. Early season fishing at Ladybower can be very productive but it is important to keep moving to try and find the fish. Cats Whiskers, Dog Nobblers & Fritz type flies are popular with anglers with orange being a productive colour in all flies. Traditional loch style drift fishing is also a relaxing way to spend a day drifting in the boat and dry fly fishing can be excellent when the fish are feeding up in the water with large sedge patterns being a particular favourite of mine. Small black knat type flies are very productive during the summer months as well as buzzers.

The fishery is now in its second year of new management and the team have put in a tremendous amount of work to make Ladybower a welcoming fishery with a transparent and realistic stocking policy. Both brown trout and Rainbow trout are stocked in the water and there is also a small population of wild fish that can be caught near the feeder streams.

Ladybower tips:

• Keep moving to find the fish!
• Remember this is a deep reservoir, you will need sinking and floating lines
• Raspberry Bay, The Fishery Office & Grainfoot are known hot spots
• Take some orange fritz type flies
• Don't be afraid to fish a dry fly!

This blog was brought to you by David Johnson at Peak Fly Fishing


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