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Leap Year Day at Ladybower Fisheries

Blog Posted on 02 Mar 2012

Leap Year Day saw me looking over the wall at Ladybower Fishery which opens this weekend - members only on the 1st and 2nd March and the general Fishing Public on the 3rd. March.   Traditionally an early opening water this year finds it full again after a very low water period last year although the lack of recent rains even here in the High Peak, normally a pretty wet area, could spell level problems again this year.   Hope I am wrong.   The weather is unseasonably warm for the time of year and there is every reason to hope that the opening days should be productive.   David Smith, who runs Ladybower Fishery, tells me that he will be opening up the higher reservoirs, Derwent and Howden, for wild Brown Trout fishing a little later which will be an added attraction, offering almost wilderness fishing conditions up in the high valley.  Fishing up there you will be serenaded by the Grouse and Curlew as they call from the tops and you could be joined by all manner of interesting birds, including the Goshawk, that frequent that quiet part of the Peak District, a true countryman's paradise.  There is a range of tickets available for the fishery and a call to David on 07876216199 or a visit to the Fishery Office will give you all the information you need.

With the low rainfall I have already mentioned the rivers are still running low and we really do need the weather to break up.   The warm weather we have enjoyed is all very well but things are going to be serious if it does not rain soon.

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