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Monday Mornings at Wild Park

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Most people dread Monday mornings, it always feels a bit difficult getting back into work after a weekend.

At Wild Park Monday mornings consist of a lot of prep for the week ahead, including cleaning, updating the website from the weekend, lots of phone calls and of course still taking out groups for Quad trekking, Paintballing and Laser Tag.

On Monday’s the best part of the day for us are the comments we receive.

A lovely lady Rebecca Swindell came paintballing on Saturday 1st September and she took the time to write in…

“ Hi All,

I brought a party of 6 12 year olds today for paintballing. The day has been fantastic, the safety precautions second to none, no over charging or trying to sell food or photos. I felt totally at ease providing my own refreshments and the group photos were for free and I can down load as many copies as I want. Alton towers and many other attractions ought to learn from you. ”

So on a Monday morning when we are playing a bit of catch up from the weekend this is what puts a smile on our faces!

Thank you Rebecca and everyone else that writes in.

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