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Monyash Short Walk Ferndale

Walk Posted on 05 May 2011

Monyash Round Walk - Ferndale – crossing Limestone Way and Lathkill Dale

This walk should take around 30mins and is suitable for all the family - in winter as with any country walk bad weather may cause parts of this walks to be muddy and slippy so wear suitable clothing.

If you are driving you can park up where you can at Monyash, there is a car park near the methodist church and street parking up and down Church Street.

Head towards the Monyash St Leonards Church on Church Street and go through the stone entranceway to the left of the church looking from the front dandelions.


Monyash St Leonards Church Entrance

monyash walk st- leonards

from here walk through the church grounds straight ahead until your reach a stone stile cross this stile and you carry straight on ahead through that field, if you look to the left you can admire the view across the fields as you walk. beware of the sheep in this field several of them followed me through thid field, must have been my aftershave!!

cross another style and carry on through this field following the worn path this field in summer is a sea of yellow from the.


monyash walk viewyellow flowers


Follow the worn grass path through this field until you join with the Limestome Way path join this path and carry on following this path for a while eventually you will come to a mini gate which you go through and up the field. this path in winter can be very muddy so be warned.!


Limestone Way Path to Monyash

Limestone Way path

at the top of this field you will see a sign post see image below, behind this sign you can carry on up the Limestone Way but for this short walk drop down the field into the valley. this is my dogs favourite spot as there are plenty of rabbits around especially in the monrning and i have spent many a time chasing after my border terriers!


Fern Dale Signpost

ferndale sign post

Walk down and bear left into the down and follow this all the way, to the left and right are lots of great looking rocks and this is ideal for a picnic spot in Summer as being in a mini valley keeps any wind away and there are plenty of large rocks to sit on.!


valley rocks ferndale  ferndale dip down


Eventually you will join up with Lathkill Dale when you do turn left and walk ahead up the dale. this is the start of the Lathkill Dale Walk (well one start point) and there is a board near the entrance to the road to Monyash that has more information, hopefully I will be covering Lathkill Dale Walks in the nrea future.


lathkill dale walk


Eventually you will come to a gate leading to the road that leads to Monyash, carry on up the road until you are back where you started. so there you have it a nice gentle walk ideal for walking off lunch and a pint from the local Monyash Pub.


Road to Monyash

road to monyash village


monyash fern dale map

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Area: Monyash

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