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Past Seven Days

Blog Posted on 02 Feb 2012

I have been very lucky this past seven days, being able to go out and shoot in the peak district 4 times.


I got up very early thursday morning with the plan to visit mam tore, Things didn't look to promising on the drive as it was relentlessly raining but one of the lessons I have learnt from landscape photography is that some of the best sky occur after rain fall, thats if it stops raining. when I arrived at mam tor the weather was perfect and i know that the trip was going to be a success. the first photo I took was of the famous ridge,then i carried on walking  towards back tor. I used my 70 - 200mm to try and isolate back tor and the curve of the hill behind also I wanted the single tree in the middle to be a point of focus. after i took these two photos i carried on walking to the top of back tor by next the sky was starting to became very clear and the sun was shining bit to hard for my liking so i decide to call it a day.

Saturday the road going throw Winnats pass was closed so I had a big hike to get to where this photo was taken but after climbing up on my hands and knees at points i knew it was worth the effort not only was the sun just rising in the perfect place for the photo but i had found a new location which I think has a lot more photographic protectional

I was up in the peak district visiting Derwent gallery in grindleford.Even tho I wasn't intending on taking photo's that day I had my camera bag from the day before after a very unsuccessful trip to Dove dale the day before. so being so close to paddle gorge I thought I wold spend an hour there.

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