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BMX Biking

If you like to get down and dirty while riding your bike, then think about Peak District motocross. It's a form of motorbike racing held on enclosed circuits-totally off road. It's a serious Peak district extreme sport and is very physically demanding. Motocross events are held in all sorts of weather conditions, adverse or otherwise, so there's no waiting around for a sunny Peak district day!

Motocross tracks are manmade or managed so never venture out on your own. It's a bone of contention for landowners - the 4x4 owners and off roaders are ripping up the Park unauthorised, so never take it upon yourself to join them. If you have the latest dirt bike and your gloves and helmet, then even if you consider yourself a pro, you can still learn some solid motocross riding tips. The best way to improve your riding is to ask advice from more experienced riders. If you're riding level is not the way you want it to be, then this will be the best thing you can do to improve your skills on track or trail.

Peak District motocross is all about technique rather than speed. And if you get that right from the beginning, then the speed will come naturally afterwards. Walk the track beforehand to improve your riding through actually thinking before you set off. Use visualisation techniques to improve your performance. Learn about your body position on your bike, which is the first thing you need to get right before setting out. A lot of your motocross riding, especially over rough and uneven terrain should be done whilst you are standing. Distribute your weight to a lower point on the bike and it gives you more control.

When riding in sand or mud, your body position should change and adapt and your weight should be at the back of the bike to prevent the wheel at the front, from bogging down. It gives you greater traction but practice riding like this over rough terrain and see how you get on. Always watch your speed and be in control and your enjoyment will increase no end. Peak District motocross is a fantastic way to spend a dirty weekend!