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Welcome to the Peak District’s very own news site that is YOUR way of keeping in touch with the community.


Peak District News

Brought to you by the leading information and accommodation group Peak District Online, this news website is the interactive way for you to find out what is happening in your area.

As well as being updated daily with the current Peak District news items that are making the headlines, there is also a facility for you to log-in and start adding your own news and Events. Whether you have an event you want to publicise or know of a news story close to where you live it is FREE for you to register, log-in and add your story.

The Events section is here for you to let everyone know what is coming up in your locality – whether you have a pantomime, school fete or fund-raising event you want to publicise, Peak District News is the place to get it noticed.

The Peak District is a large rural area with diverse communities, sometimes quite isolated and set apart from the larger towns and villages and so the Community news section of Peak District News is a vital way for people in these areas to keep in touch. Here on the Community pages they can find out the news that affects the way they live, work and play.

Tourism is one of the mainstays of the Peak District’s economy and attracts thousands of visitors every year, here on Peak District News we understand how important it is to have up-to-date information on Travel and Tourism, whether you are a business owner or a tourist looking to visit, having a site that you can turn to find the latest news is crucial for the Peak District’s vital tourism market. With news on important events in the calendar as well as travel updates, this Travel and Tourism section of Peak District News is here to help you make the most out of this lovely area.

If you have a Business in the Peak District you will want to know the latest news about the business community that may affect your industry. This Business section is a great way of staying in touch with the competition, learning about incentives for local trades and industries and keeping your finger on the pulse of the way enterprises in Peak District do business.

As anyone who lives in the Peak District will know, keeping in touch with changes in the weather is vital to both the rural and tourism communities, both of which are the mainstay of this region. Here at Peak District News you can check up on the weather in your area so you can be prepared for what it has in store over the next few days.

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