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Peak District Photographers - James Grant

I originate from Nottinghamshire but jumped across to the north
eastern Derbyshire border when I was 14 living about 20 minutes away
from the closest reaches of the Peak District. From being a child I
have always been brought up in the outdoors with a lot of early
memories of walks around the Matlock area. In 2008 I started to
broaden my horizons and took up walking in the Peak District and
gained my first ever camera, a Sony a200 DSLR to record my outings to
remember when I am too old to remember them!


Now at the age of 23 things have shifted on a lot. While still in a
full time career I am able to enjoy my photography and not be
constrained to what I shoot. I am pleased to be a destination
photography partner for Visit Peak District. I am also very pleased to
have had multiple publishings including Derbyshire Life, The
Derbyshire Magazine, Reflections, Outdoor Photography and Trail. Of
course I'm also very pleased to now be working with Peak District

My other proud accomplishments are winning the 2010 Visit Peak
District and Buxton photography competition with 'A Kinder
Wonderland', the 2009 Trail Magazine Action Photography Competition
with 'The Last Push' and Lloyd's weekly winner for weather with "Hell
Raining Down".


I feel very lucky to have come so far so quick and at such a young age
and am often asked how did I do it and why? My honest answer is that
you just need to love your subject and enjoy it and the rewards will
come to you. Never do I get bored of sitting for hours in a single
location watching the sun rise or set and recording these often
magical events. For others to appreciate it and want to view it is a
welcome bonus.

James's work is available to purchase through his website and many
Peak District outlets (details on website). Prints, mounted and framed
prints, canvas and greetings cards are all available.


James also leads one to one tuition in the Peak District. You can keep
up to date with his work through a variety of ways including Flickr,
Facebook, Tumblr and his website. Also all detail of the mentioned
publishings, competition photos and partnerships are detailed on the
Tel: 07535 688969

Peak District Photography - Blake mere
The Peak District is devoid of naturally formed lakes and pools (the latter can be called tarns if you must but this term is more akin to those found in the Lake District). There are absolutely zero naturally formed lakes and I can only think of three named pools. There is mermaid’s pool on the western flanks of Kinder Scout and the other two are within a stone’s throw of each other.   In the Staffordshire Moorlands lies Doxey’s Pool high up on the Roaches and Blake Mere up on Morridge Moor, a moor that overlooks the...
Blake mere
Peak District Photography - Carhead Rocks
The Peak District is reputedly the worlds second busiest national park after Mount Fuji in Japan. Whether this is true is another matter and the Park’s authority has even stated it is hard to monitor numbers. What is known though, the national park is in very close proximity to two of the UK’s largest cities, Sheffield and Manchester and accumulates a lot of it’s numbers from these two cities. It is no surprise then, on a hot day perfect for a walk the Peak District quickly becomes filled with people from the local...
Carhead Rocks
Peak District Photography - Derbyshire On Your Doorstep
Living in Derbyshire I feel myself lucky to be so close to lots of great landscapes and definitely don't take it for granted. However, sometimes I do forget what's closer to home and usually end up heading off into the heart of the Peak District. However, I have become a little stale with photographing the same Peak District scenes as everyone else and wanted to get some different, fresh pictures I could put my name to. So after recently purchasing a new camera I set myself on the task. I decided to shoot some scenes more local to me,...
Derbyshire On Your Doorstep
Peak District Photography - Dovedale
Dovedale has to be the worst kept secret of the Peak District. Every weekend floods of people visit this limestone dale just outside of Ashbourne. It is easy to see why, steep sided limestone hills, cliffs, caves all along with a crystal clear River Dove running through it with a gentle path at the side.   So, this then is perhaps why photographers tend to shy away from the area – a quick search on Google doesn’t return much imagery from the enthusiast/professional photographer. However I have a soft spot for the area and have...
The Peak District, despite it's name is mainly moorland or rolling dales from gritstone escarpments of the Dark Peak to the high sided limestone craggy dales of the White Peak. So despite it's name there's not many true "Peaks" to speak of in the Peak District. There's many theories as to why it's called the Peak District with the main one being that a British tribe called the "Picts" used to live here. You might be thinking at this point I'm totally underselling the area because we don't have these huge jagged hills but ...
James Grant - An infatuation with the true Peaks of the Peak District
Peak District Photography - James Grant - Are You Looking At Me?
I'm no wildlife photographer by a long stretch, I couldn't name more types of bird by sight than I have fingers on one hand. However there is just something that I have always found fascinating about the highland cattle on Baslow Edge. Whether it's because they're traditionally something seen in Scotland or that they're just so tame (in one way) they are just so striking. I had been up to Baslow Edge a couple of times and without fail they had all been munching on the grass just after Wellington's Monument.  I had a couple of...
James Grant - Are You Looking At Me?
Peak District Photography - James Grant - High On Heather
For roughly three weeks of the year, every summer starting around mid-August the Peak District comes to life with raging purple heather transforming otherwise dark, brown moors into something that looks like it could be from a child's painting. Heather can be found mainly in the Dark Peak although there's the random bits scattered in area's like Stanton Moor. It's a frantic 3 weeks for any photographer, running about trying to capture it in all it's glory mainly around sunset and even sunrise if your an early bird. The golden hours are...
James Grant - High On Heather
First off Just want to say thank you to Peak District Online for inviting me to be a featured photographer and letting me blog. I want to talk about a little realisation I had the other day which is that I believe most people take the present for granted, it's not until it becomes the past and eventually a memory that you look fondly at the time and think "that was a good time" and subsequently wishing you had perhaps savoured the moment a little more. I actually came to this realisation while sat on a beach roughly 1500 miles...
James Grant - Living in the moment and recording it
  As some of you may know, the Monsal Railway used to run from Bakewell to Buxton and was turned into a trail after the railway was closed.. However, the trail was never quite complete as the tunnel's along the railway were closed off to the public and the trail could not be completed but you had to instead divert around. Julia Bradbury this did route on her TV series "Railway Walks". However, 43 years after the railway's fell into dis-use and 31 years after the trail opened the tunnels were re-opened mainly to create...
James Grant -The Monsal Tunnels - History re-opened
Peak District Photography - Lady luck on my side?
So another week of rain it would seem. It just doesn’t seem to end. I know it’s driving people up the wall and in terms of photography the social networks have certainly been quiet these last couple of months. However, I seem to be doing alright. I keep edging my bets and going out last minute. Last week after a day of heavy rain I ended up with Winnats with a cracking sunset and this Saturday I decided to head out to Nine Stones Close, near Robin Hoods Stride and Elton. Nine Stones Close is neolithic stone circle. Located in a...
Lady luck on my side?
Peak District Photography - Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?
Well, aren't we having a mild winter? As much as I hate driving in the snow as I'm sure you do, I bet like me I bet when the snow comes I bet you can't help act like a little child. Like I say though, unfortunately so far for the 2011-2012 winter season it has been quite a mild affair with very little snow what so ever. However, I did manage to catch quite a bit of snow 2 weeks in a row around the Buxton area and had a thoroughly enjoyable time around the Chrome and Parkhouse Hill area as well as on Ramshaw Rocks. One thing I have...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?
Peak District Photography - Step into a stormy spring
Now we are well and truly into March winter has started to lose its grip and we are moving into a proper spring. Day by day the weather is being more predictable and getting hotter.   I have to say that the winter just gone has disappointed me somewhat, there has been barely any snow and those crisp clear days we dream of were few and far between. I am one for loving a stormy sky and changeable weather and endeavour to go out when it doesn’t look promising, but this winter took the Michael. I spent hours upon hours on hillsides...
Step into a stormy spring
Peak District Photography - Thors Cave
Thors Cave is an impressive limestone cave situated near the top of a cliff in the Manifold Valley near the village of Wetton.   A little bit more about the cave taken from Wikipedia: It is classified as a Karst cave. Located in a steep limestone crag, the cave entrance, a symmetrical arch 7.5 metres wide and 10 metres high, is prominently visible from the valley bottom, around 80 metres (260 feet) below. Reached by an easy stepped path from the Manifold Way, the cave is a popular tourist spot, affording excellent views over the...
Thors Cave
Peak District Photography - Winning at Winnats
Winnats Pass is a limestone gorge near Castleton. It is the only road out of Castleton to the west. The A625 under Mam Tor used to be a route out, but it was closed in 1979 due to continuing land slides (well worth a visit if you’re in the area, it almost feels like you could be part of a post apocalyptic world!).  The name Winnats Pass comes from  an old translation of “Wind Gates”.   The road is a steep 1 in 5 pass and is relatively busy. The road is narrow and winding and great care needs to be used with...
Winning at Winnats
Peak District Photography - Wirksworth Star Disc
I’m always interested in finding new and interesting locations that have impact and haven’t really been “discovered” yet photographically. As much as it’s hard to resist some of the cliché locations where I still try and put my own twist on them there is a certain satisfaction of going to a not well visited location and making your mark, maybe even putting it on the map and on everyone’s radar. This is where my little Star Disc project comes in, open since 2011 it is still relatively unknown to the...
Wirksworth Star Disc
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