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Summer sunrise - Mam Tor ridge Derbyshire - A 3am start and a visit to Mam Tor ridge was rewarded by low lying mist amongst the warm sunrise - Olympus E5, ZD12-60mmF2.8, 1/25 f7.1 @ 12mm, 200ISO Lee 0.6ND grad


Living in the Hope Valley all my life surrounded with some of the most stunning scenery it is no surprise that mymain passion is with landscape photography.
There is nothing I enjoy more than being up on the hills and moors withmy camera waiting for the first light of day or watching the late afternoon light flood over the landscape throwing long shadows bringing out the colour and texture of gritstone and grasses, waiting to capture that perfect moment that shows off the Peak District in all its glory.

I first got interested in photography as a young boy using my dad’s Box Brownie camera producing contact prints in a make shift darkroom under the stairs.
Technology has moved along way over the years and I now shoot solely with a DSLR and produce a range of prints and greetings cards which can be ordered through my website and at various shops and galleries in and around the Peak District.

I also run photography tuition workshops for individuals and small groups of all abilities where I will show you how to get the best out of your camera and how to “see” and compose good images.



Tel 01433 651170 Mob 07816 869142

Peak District Photography - High Neb heather
This is my first entry for the Peak District online blog and I’m looking forward to contributing some of my images taken while out and about in the Peak District.  It’s early August which is a great time in the Dark Peak for photography, the heather is bursting into flower painting the moors a deep purple which then contrasts against the rich greens of the bracken and the warm buttery outcrops of numerous gritstone edges.  I’m up on Stanage near to the Trig point at High Neb, my plan is to...
High Neb heather
This last weekend has been unseasonably warm with temperatures in the day hovering around 26 degrees then cooling off steadily through the night, ideal conditions for producing low lying mist in the bottom of the valleys and a perfect photographic opportunity. Saturdays plan therefore was to shoot the sunrise looking down over the Hope Valley. Anyone passing through the valley during the last 100 years will have been hard pressed not to notice Hope Cement works sitting on the hillside between the villages of Castleton and Bradwell....
Stephen Elliott – 1st October in the Hope Valley
It was approaching the end of august and I had been scheduled to do some filming for the ‘Visit Peak District’ website along with some other Destination Photography Partners. The brief was for an informal interview followed by some footage of us in action shooting the landscape. As you could probably guess when working to a set date and time the weather was far from ideal, dull leaden skies, strong winds and a fine drizzle, typical summer conditions for Derbyshire! The location was at the eastern end of Stanage chosen as it...
Stephen Elliott – Breaking light over Stanage
Peak District Photography - Stephen Elliott – Close encounters
A strange thing happened to me earlier this week, after I’d dropped my son off at school I decided to have a walk up onto Higger Tor with my camera, it was a nice sunny morning, a blue sky with patches of fog in the valley below, not a bad day for shooting some landscapes. Walking over the top moor towards the shelter stone a grouse flew out of the heather onto the path in front of me, now normally grouse are very timid birds and scoot off rapidly in the opposite direction but this particular bird had a serious attitude problem and...
Stephen Elliott – Close encounters
The start of October was fantastic but then rapidly deteriorated to dank wet and miserable weather, I was finding myself going stir crazy waiting for conditions to change to be able to go out and shoot some landscapes. Friday evening (14th) looked promising with a nice sunset followed by a rapid drop in temperature so a morning mist would be highly probable the next day, one of the nice things about shooting at this time of year is that sunrises are at a more civilised time so getting up at 6am Saturday was relatively easy. Higger...
Stephen Elliott – Higger Tor and the reverse ND grad
Peak District Photography - Winter sunrises – Stephen Elliott
Winter is probably my favourite season for landscape photography; yes it can be and is often freezing cold, dark, wet and miserable but we can also get some amazing light, crisp frosty mornings and flurries of snow. This year the snow has been late coming but we have had some lovely sunrises, so I’m going to share a few taken over the last few weeks. One of the nice things about winter sunrises is that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night like you do when shooting in the summer, you can quite happily stay in bed...
Winter sunrises – Stephen Elliott
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