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Peak District Photographers - Tez Marsden

I am a Photographer based on the edge of the Peak District National Park and through my photographs I try to show the beauty of this wonderful area.

I try to portray a different and lesser known side of the Peak District through my images.

As well as the traditional landscape photographs I also produce abstract and visually enhanced images to hopefully convey a different feeling to the viewer.




I also run Photography courses for people who would like to improve their photography and gain a better understanding of the medium.

To view more of my work or for more details on the courses please visit my website or contact me at

or please ring me on 07720189979

Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - An Early Morning Shot
This is yet another early morning shot, near Wolfscote Dale in the Peak District. The light was incredible especially with this stormy looking sky heading my way, had enough time to take some shots before the rain got to me. I feel it is so rewarding getting up early to experience light like this, and often think what people are missing still tucked up in bed!! The light and feeling of being out so early is so special and i'm sure I will never tire of it. The good thing about this time of year in early October is that you...
Tez Marsden - An Early Morning Shot
Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - Light and Patience!
  This is my first photograph for Peak District on Line so I would like to start by saying a big thank you to James and all at Peak District on Line for inviting me to contribute to this exciting venture. This photograph is all about light and how it affects the image and most of all patience!! I actually went out to photograph some rocks at the southern end of the Peak District but on arrival the light was overcast and grey and not the light I was hoping for. I was about ready to pack up and set off home but...
Tez Marsden - Light and Patience!
Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - Pleasant surprise!
Out early morning to get the sunrise and besides it being wonderful being out at this time of day you also get unexpected welcome surprises. I was set up for the sunrise and just happened to look to my left and saw these two Brown Hares heading my way,luckily I had my 200mm lens on the camera and without scaring them away I managed to swing my camera round on the tripod and get a few shots of them. They are such wonderful creatures to watch, they didn't hang around to long, I think they got my scent and headed back the way they came....
Tez Marsden - Pleasant surprise!
Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - Rainster Rocks
A very early start to get this weeks photograph of Rainster Rocks a limestone outcrop in the south of the Peak District. I am in the process of photographing these rocks throughout the year. At  the moment with the leaves on the trees being green you can't see much of the rocks themselves, so I am looking forward to Autumn for the colour and the rocks being exposed, also the light will be totally different, plus I won't have to get up so early either! I mentioned the effect of light in my last image at different times of the...
Tez Marsden - Rainster Rocks
Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - Trees in Mist
This photograph was taken on Stanton Moor, a wonderful and magic place especially when it is covered in low cloud with the sun shining through as it was on this day. It can be quite spooky up there in the early hours sometimes, with the cloud swirling round and shapes appearing through the trees. It has a fascinating history with the stone circles, the Earl Grey tower and recently the protesters fighting to stop quarrying on the moor, and thankfully they won the battle and saved this lovely area. This photograph is part of an...
Tez Marsden - Trees in Mist
Peak District Photography - Tez Marsden - Wolfscote Dale Sunrise.
Another early start to the day. This is a sunrise shot looking towards Wolfscote Dale in the Southern Peak District. I was a little late arriving at my designated destination but was rewarded with this shot. I was actually on my way to photograph a totally different view when the sun started to catch the fields and the top of the dale in front of me. I had to make a decision of whether to stop and get this shot and maybe losing the shot I was after,but, being a photographer I can't resist good light going to waste so set up and got...
Tez Marsden - Wolfscote Dale Sunrise.
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