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Peak District Photographers - Villager Jim

Please enjoy the following collection of videos - All are from Villager Jim a local wildlife photographer with the Peak District National Park. Images below are from the last 18 months or so and have been collected from many a 4am start whene the wildlife is truly out and about and everyone else is asleep, magical times.........






Peak District Photography - Deer At Chatsworth
A Magical Moment In Time  - The Deer At Chatsworth Make A Wildlife Photographer's Day   An incredibly rare sight and something I'll never forget." A humbled photographer shares a very special snapshot in time with us - another gem to be cherished, in Villager Jim's Collection of photographic treasures. It wasn't a particularly a nice day on the first Saturday in December and James Dobson, Peak District Online's dedicate wildlife photographer, wasn't expecting to come home with any of his usual stunning wildlife...
Deer At Chatsworth
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