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Peak District Rivers - The River Derwent.

Blog Posted on 08 Feb 2012

Of all the places to fish, the river will always be closest to many anglers’ hearts.
Whilst on the still water or pond one can catch the same fish all year, on the river who knows what monster has slipped upstream during the recent high water!
The Derbyshire Derwent flows for half of its 66 mile course through the Peak District and many of these miles are rural and very beautiful. From its source high up near Bleaklow, the Derwent flows through the famous Derwent valley with it's large reservoirs; Howden, Derwent and Ladybower which are all fishable on a day ticket from Ladybower Fishery.
Like the Peak District itself, the Derwent has many contrasts, fast running oxygen rich riffles packed with Grayling, weedy meandering bends likely to hold fine trout and in its lower reaches large deep pools that hold many coarse fish. As the river finds itself in the majestic grounds at Chatsworth it presents to passers by in all its glory before slipping through the one arch bridge and out of sight.
Whilst the river does hold some large trout these generally stocked and one is much more likely to encounter wild trout from around half a pound upwards - two pounder would be a fine fish in my book!
The Derwent  holds a wonderful population of indigenous Grayling which found themselves in the river when the ice receded tens of thousands of years ago.
Through Matlock Batth and the cradle of the industrial revolution at Cromford the Derwent eventually finds itself in more urban surroundings as it passes through Derby on its way to joining the river Trent and eventually out to sea.

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