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Philip White - The Beresford Dale Beat

Blog Posted on 24 May 2011

Beresford Dale


I have recently been to visit a newly available stretch of the Dove near Hartington.   This is the Beresford Dale beat which has on its banks the historic Walton/Cotton stone built fishing hut often referred to as the 'Temple'.  It is certainly unique as fishing rooms go and quite something to see.  The water is typical of the upper middle Dove with a mixed habitat of runs and pools for the resident brown trout and it fished dry fly and nymph.    I had a couple of hours myself and took three nicely conditioned fish on small dry olive patterns.   I also saw small caddis as well as the usual black gnats and small stone flies so things look pretty healthy on the water.  Fishing is available on a daily basis by prior booking only and the man responsible for its management is Andrew Heath.   He can be contacted on 01298 687325.   For a guided fishing day, contact Philip White on 01629 734639.  


Charles Cotton Fishing Temple


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