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Reasons To Visit The Countryside

Here in the Peak District we are blessed with being surrounded by spectacular countryside. So here are a few reasons why you should visit the countryside.

1. Fresh air and health
The first thing to do in the countryside is to fill your lungs with fresh air. The air in the countryside is cleaner than the air in the city. It has been proven that people who live in the countryside have a longer life expectancy than those who live in the towns.


2.Access and space
Britain has one of the most comprehensive footpath networks in the world. With over 130,000 miles of footpath you will never be short of a new walk. And if you are in need of some exercise why have an expensive workout when you can have a free walk out? Here at Peak District on-line we have put together a collection of walks for you which can be found in our section Walking in the Peak District.

4.Immerse yourself in nature
Britain boasts an inspiring bio-diversity. If it's the scent of wild flowers, the spectacle of birds on the wing, the buzz of a busy bee or the warm breeze on your face,
the British countryside has it all to offer. The Peak District has a number of clubs and groups which have formed to allow you to get one step closer to nature, and a full listing of these clubs can be found in our Bird Watching section.


5. Stay on a farm or pay a visit
There are over 1,100 farmstay registered properties to stay at where you can enjoy farming life first hand. Whether it's bed and breakfast, full board or self catering, there will be something to fulfil your needs. With over 500 open farms and farm attractions Britain can offer all manner of agricultural days out.
Here in the Peak District we have a wide range of farm accommodation offering visitors the chance to relax, enjoy the surroundings and reacquaint themselves with Mother Nature, right down to the authentic smells.!


6.Enjoy the view
From the South Downs to the North York Moors, from the flat fens to theundulating dales, the British countryside offers a range of views that no art gallery could match. Get your boots on and get viewing.

7. Improve your love life
According to a survey commissioned by Country Living
magazine in 2004, people living in the countryside enjoyed significantly better love lives than those living in the town. Say "˜hello' to the great outdoors.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should visit the Peak District.