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River Fly Fishing Season Open On Many Waters

Blog Posted on 21 Mar 2011

The 18th March sees the river fly fishing season open on many waters, although some prefer to start a little later at the beginning of April.   I drove up to Buxton today passing along the river Wye in the process.  There was a good number of rods out for their first cast of the season in absolutely glorious sunny weather, even though it was a little cool in the Northerly breeze.   I did not stop as I was aiming for Errwood Reservoir at the head of the Goyte valley, just beyond Buxton.   The water level in the reservoir was not too bad although it did not look completely full, but it sparkled in the sun.   This is a little gem of a water, tucked into the valley just below the Cat and Fiddle.   Overlooking the lake are the Rhododendron plantations which surround the site of Errwood Hall, now no longer in existence .   These provide an absolutely stunning backdrop to the June fishing and an ideal walk for the 'fishing widow' while hubby is fishing just across the road.  The fishing here is run by the Errwood Fly Fishing Club and Day Tickets are available through a number of outlets in the nearby towns, details of which can be found on the club's website   Set in the so called 'dark peak' moorland area you can expect to see and hear grouse calling, as I did today and I have glimpsed Golden plover here before now.   Fishing is bank only and includes the streams that feed the reservoir and imitative patterns work well including buzzers, sedge and a range of terrestrials.


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