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Saturday Morning Picture Show


Welcome to our new section we have launched for a bit of fun and pleasure on a Saturday morning - we will post up images taken during the week of places or wildlife within the peak district so you can enjoy the local scenery and goings on within the peak district national park. Photos of the peak district is a passion and pastime for so many people and we just wanted to show people who are coming the area for the first time what they can expect ! Remember to check back in from 10am every Saturday morning to see updates!  ENJOY



Todays Picture Show is about the local birds to Great Hucklow , and nearby places , including a lovely meadow pippet posing perfectly on a post and a female chaffinch arriving for her breakfast. Birds around the area seem to have thrived this year with pairs of Curlews , Barn Owls , Little Owls , Meadow Pipets , Goldfinches and even a pair this week in our garden of Greenfinches which i havnt seen before take up residence. Get out on those lovely walks around the area and see how many varieties you can see on your travels - if you manage to...
Birds Of the Peak District - Saturday Morning Picture Show May 7th
Peak District Photography - Saturday Morning Picture Show April 16th
Pheasants , Lambs and a Rabbit and Cat race!! Not often you can say that but this morning in our field that exactly what happened! Went out around Wardlow this morning also and grabbed a lovely pheasant basking on the wall in the early morning sunshine. I missed by about half an hour the lovely rolling mists that often cover the valley and as i went out i could see it melting away and knew i was too late . So a couple of lamb shots made it worthwhile before i went back home to sit by the pond and watch the amazing birdlife with Blue Tits ,...
Saturday Morning Picture Show April 16th
Black And White! For me sometimes black and white can be really effective , with real underlying mood or power , and i really enjoy the fact that turning to black and white on a day which is cloudy or overcast is the perfect way to carry on enjoying photography even though the light is bad! Todays shots are of some wild ponies near Litton and a very sad lamb (well he had just woken up !) near Wardlow . And sorry but of course Dilly the labrador had to go on today simply for her daft positions she gets herself into!
Saturday Morning Picture Show April 9th 2011
Todays photographs of the peak district show the fantastic new life created in the world of peak district wildlife ! From a new born calf who was no more than 4 or 5 minutes old to two you lambs huddling together to fight the morning frost. The wildlife in the area has come alive this month with the wonders of nature and new born life. Then we have a young meadow pipet near Tideswell and only yards away a young hare sits warily on the hillside. Of course it wouldnt be complete without those amazing colours of a male pheasant to show off...
Saturday Morning Picture Show - 2nd April 2011
The birds return at last! Meadow Pipets and Pied Wagtails abound , such a fantastic part of the year as the migratory birds arrive back from their amazing journeys to continental Europe and sometimes even further. What i do know is they are back and in big numbers. Today pictures are from Ashford In The Water , and Great Longstone. The pheasants of course are resident all year round and as Ive said before i think they are the most beautiful bird of all . We are fortunate to have one living in our garden and often when i leave seed out for him...
Saturday Morning Picture Show - Birds Birds Birds
Peak District Photography - Saturday Morning Picture Show 12-03-11
Another week gone by and another grey one apart from the odd flash of sunshine ! Todays pics include a rainbow over Abney , a mysterious lady from Foolow , and one that surely says Let Sleeping Dogs Lie , and then of course we have the pub friday night with all the locals at the Bulls Head in Foolow. Dont forget its Grindleford Gallop day today ! Enjoy..........
Saturday Morning Picture Show 12-03-11
Peak District Photography - Saturday Morning Picture Show 5-03-11
THE MARCH HARE March! well i guess living out in the countryside there really is only one animal that springs to mind and thats the fantastic hare! Brown hares feed mainly on herbs in the summer, and predominantly grasses in the winter. They also feed on cereal and root crops, and in bad seasons, it has been suggested that they may eat animal corpses. Brown hares rest in a shallow depression in fields or long grass known as a form, where only their back and head are visible. In the image above you will see a young calf playing...
Saturday Morning Picture Show 5-03-11
Peak District Photography - Saturday Morning Picture Show 26-02-11
A varied selection this morning to be sure! A lovely female kestrel soaring away at monsal head using barely any energy as she balanced in the wind - then we have Elvis the horse doing his normal party trick of smiling after being given a polo! Also we have Saunders the chicken sat near the wildlife webcam but refusing to stand in front of it and finally one of the Foolow Ducks walking with a purpose getting round the pond in the centre of the village. What is for sure in the wildlife world is everything is starting to come alive again...
Saturday Morning Picture Show 26-02-11
Can You Believe Snow Again! Almost knocked me over waking up this morning to a complete white out of snow , unreal!!! Not sure whether to be excited or sigh with exhaustion of seeing it all over again . Theres a shot of a road above Grindleford called The Sir William Hill . Also i have posted 3 images from the last time it snowed - The Snows of 2010! And boy did it snow. Shots from Foolow and Bretton
Saturday Morning Picture Show Feb 19th 2011
All of images above were taken saturday morning with stormy looking weather ahead and a really nice shot of a robin in Foolow taken as i just pulled up in the car - he just jumped down from a bush and i took this through a rain soaked car window and am amzed how clear it came out - thanks mr robin very kind pose! Also is a horse galloping in a field at the bottom of Monsal Head near Cressbrook who was running away from another horse intent on biting his bum , but was pleasure watching as you could see them taking turns in doing and was...
Saturday Morning Picture Show - Feb 12th 2011
Well its drizzling and windy outside so i thought i would look at some early morning pis this week of wildlife - first we have two cows - the cutest little calf ive seen who was so fast asleep and oblivous to the world i was able to get quite close - she was near Great Hucklow - and then a highland cow with a blue rinse from Wardlow , and then Lastly we have the pheasant at Foolow which spent 2 mins being 10 feet in front of me pretending to himself that i couldnt see him - to be honest how he crouches down and blends in is truly a site...
Saturday Morning Picture Show - Feb 5th 2011
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