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September Hints & Tips

Blog Posted on 10 Sep 2013

Fly Fishing Tuition in the Peak District & South Yorkshire has been a hectic affair over the last month or so. I think people have been making up for lost time at the start of the season.

It’s hard to believe September is upon us already and the Trout Season will soon be at an end for another year. Now is not the time to be heavy hearted though as September can be a cracking month. Trout should be feeding well in order to put on some weight before their breeding season and Grayling will be in peak condition. All we need is the lovely weather to stay around a little longer.

Still Water Fly fishing can be very exciting and ensure you have patterns with orange in them to simulate water snails. Fry Patterns should prove useful as the bigger fish target the fry. Terrestrials such as Daddy Long Legs are likely to be on the menu, especially on breezy days.

River Fly fishing will require Sedge Patterns, both Dry & Emerger, together with Daddy Long Legs & Beetle Patterns. Take along the usual Nymphs and if you want some seriously delicate fishing a few North Country Spider Patterns may just pay dividends. Keep an eye on the leaves floating by and if the fish are rising to them then get out the Greenfly Patterns & Griffiths Gnat.

Remember you need the right pattern and you need to then offer it in such a way that they think it is the real thing. It is the art of deception and the fish will be the ones who have the final say on just how good we are.

Tight lines!

This blog was brought to you by Peter Lax
Professional Game Angling Instructor & Licensed Coach


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