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The Brilliant Klinkhammer.

Blog Posted on 05 Apr 2012

I cannot remember the last time I had a days fishing with a Klinkhammer and didn't have a fish rise to my fly. This revolutionary fly was invented by Hans van Klinken in 1984. Hanns was fishing the Glomma river in Norway, chasing the huge Graying that the river is renowned for. Hans was trying to imitate the shape of the Caddis which he had observed when cleaning Grayling for the pot. From experience fishing the river, he knew that fish liked taking insects in the surface film in the fast runs so his thinking was to design his fly so half sat underwater with the other half sitting proudly on the surface. The rest they say is history. Klinkhammers work brilliantly on our Peak District streams and rivers. They are a brilliant searching fly that will bring fish up when they are not rising to a hatch. Don't be afraid to fish the Klinkhammer in big sizes, you will be amazed even the smallest of fish will gobble it up! Rises could be anything from big splashy rises to just the wing post of the Klinkhammer disappearing as a fish sucks it down from below. Keep moving and be prepared for action!

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